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Q: How do I go about adopting a dog from Sally’s Rescue?


A: Sally's rescue dogs are adopted from "rescue only" pet shops.  Please follow Sally's Rescue on Instagram and Facebook to see our dogs as they are saved .  We post every photo as soon as the dog is pulled from the shelter.  Please send us an email to: for an application.

Q: Where does Sally’s Rescue get the dogs they make available for adoption?


A:  Sally finds her dogs at two high kill shelters in Southern California.  Sally chooses each dog and names them.  She is constantly monitoring the shelters to find dogs she thinks will be easily adopted.  That is how she has been able to save so many dogs.  Sally has a great track record of finding sweet dogs!

Q: If a dog was given up by its owner or ended up in a shelter, isn’t there something wrong with it?


A: Shelters are filled with great dogs – mixed-breeds and well as purebreds – who wind up there for numerous reasons. Many were purchased impulsively by people who were not aware of the time, commitment and expense that comes with owning a dog. Sadly, irresponsible owners also allow their dog to have puppies thinking they will be able to find them wonderful homes or sell them. When that doesn’t happen, they end up bringing them to shelters. People also turn in dogs because they are moving, having a baby, don’t have time for it, have a new boyfriend or girlfriend who doesn’t like the dog, have allergies – the reasons go on and on. The saddest of these, is people who have had a dog as a loving member of their family for many years and then, as it ages and can no longer see or hear as well as it once did and may be in need of medical care, they turn them into a shelter. These senior dogs, with various issues, are never adopted and end up confused, scared, depressed and, ultimately euthanized or, worse, dying alone on the cold floor of a shelter cage.


Q: What is the benefit of going through a rescue as opposed to just going directly to the shelter?


A: There is nothing wrong with going to shelters and we encourage that. However, many people, for various reasons, do not feel comfortable going into a shelter. Also, the benefits of adopting through a rescue instead of just going to a shelter are many. When you adopt through us, the dog has already been medically vetted and given a clean bill of health, spayed or neutered, micro-chipped, groomed and has spent time with many other dogs and interacted with lots of different people. 


Q: With all the dogs out there that are in need of homes, why is there an adoption fee for a rescue dog?

A:  Each dog costs Sally a minimum of $400-$500.  There are shelter fees, pull fees, vet bills, boarding, grooming, transporting, etc.   There have been many cases where Sally has spent up to $5,000 on a dog that has needed a particular surgery.  We never know what a dog will end up needing until it is out of the shelter and at a vet.  Sally spares no expense once a dog is her rescue!  



Q: Is anyone associated with Sally’s Rescue paid?


A:  This work is a pure labor of love and no one receives any compensation whatsoever. Every dime that Sally’s Rescue receives goes directly towards rescuing more dogs – PERIOD!  Sally and her husband have spent a small fortune saving over 4,000 dogs in the last 9 years.  99% of these costs has been paid by Sally and her husband.  Sally pays her puller,  transporters, vets, boarding, grooming and her adoption coordinator out of pocket. 

Q: We greatly appreciate the work Sally’s Rescue does. How can we go about making a financial donation to support your work?


A: We are a registered non-profit 501 (C) (3) organization so your donation is completely tax deductable. If you would like to support our work, you can make a donation through this Web site, using PayPal.  

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