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Sally's Rescue has changed it's focus a little this year.  After saving thousands of dogs from high kill shelters we have decided to help dogs with medical problems.  We are helping fund other rescues and cover medical procedures.  Our rescue will still help re-home dogs and occasionally be getting our own dogs out of the shelters. We can refer you to other rescues who can help you find your new best friend. 

Sally wants to start a campaign to inform the public about the overcrowding/euthanasia of shelter dogs.  We need laws to stop the backyard breeding and spay/neuter laws!  We must stop the amount of dogs being surrendered to shelters every day that will eventually be killed -- young, healthy dogs!  We are in a state of emergency.  The shelters have never been this crowded.  Rescues cannot keep up!  We need CHANGE !  This must be a mission to save dogs from going to the shelters in the first place!

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